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You slurred in the middle lf your sentence. "I just find it funny on how you got yourself into this, and now you think I do not love you.". He sits down on the bed with you as he pulls you onto his lap. "Oh my sweet beatiful boy, how I love you so.". He says rocking you back and forth a tad bit.

Jan 23, 2022 · Chapter Text. You were the other human transfer student and since became close with all the demon brothers. Mammon was the one you find the closest.. 2021. 5. 17. · He’s not the type to ask you to stay but definitely the type to hold your sleeve. The best thing about having Belphie is the physical affection he is constantly giving you by sleeping. X Reader One-shots - Punishment (Lucifer x Reader Lemon) | Obey me!, Obey, Beezlebub. Obey Me! X Reader One-shots - Punishment (Lucifer x Reader Lemon) Based off the app Obey Me! Shall We Date, this is a series of one-shots with our favorite demons of Devildom! There will be fluff and lemons and all that good stuff.

The taste of Raphael’s tongue was sweet against yours, like honey and ambrosia. The angels kisses always tasted like that — sweet, addicting, all consuming. Though, at that particular.

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Obey me x reader sneeze He all but dragged you down the hall and behind the safety of the heavy wood doors suited for the marvelous house. The room was thrown into shadows only lit by Mammon's piercing eyes. Gentle eyes. He pulled his D.D.D. from his pocket, your faces cast in a mesmerizing and ghoulish blue. The Demons' Pet | Obey Me! X Fem! Reader MysticLucy. Summary: Instead of creating the exchange program, the brothers take you in as their personal pet. ... What is Obey Me X Reader Argument. Likes: 597. Shares: 299.. "/> frog jumping codeforces solution. sobel test calculator. cia maker 3ds. best comedies of the 90s and 2000s..

A New Kind Of Desire by Envy_theJealous. 16.3K 644 12. Obey Me! Asmodeus x Reader It's been a few weeks since you've started living in the Devildom as part of their exchange program. After Mammon drags you to the kitchen to....


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